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Under the CDC IDIQ, CDM, in partnership with Translational Technologies International (TTI), provides the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Coordinating Center for Health Promotion an “as needed” mechanism for services in the following Task Order Areas:

  1. Large Scale Evaluation Studies and Program Assessments
  2. Evaluation Technical Assistance
  3. Conduct Research and Demonstration Projects
  4. Economic Evaluation and Cost Modeling

Services include conducting assessments, studies, research and demonstration projects; consultation and technical assistance; health education activities; and related support services, and will involve statistics, research design, literature review and analysis, public health practice, surveillance, epidemiology, informatics, data management, data analysis, policy analysis and assessment, formative activities, program assessments, evaluation studies, data abstraction, health education, scientific and technical support, IRB and OMB packages, partner and community liaison roles, training development and presentation, and multi-site activities.

CDM is qualified as a small business under this contract vehicle.