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CDM’s events management activities have evolved over the years to meet client demands. Formed originally as a logistics service firm, our services and areas of expertise expanded considerably after graduation from the 8(a) program; events management services are now generally embedded in larger projects.

CDM staff plan and execute both small and complex multi-session national conferences, workshops, training events, and policy briefings. For our Federal Government clients, CDM has managed more than 1,000 conferences and large and small meetings involving all aspects of logistical and substantive support—from concept design, agenda planning, and production to logistics, staffing, facilitation, presentation, and preparation of proceedings. We use a series of proven protocols to guide the creation of robust meetings and meeting materials that satisfy diverse requirements and needs, appeal to attendees and presenters alike, and provide meaningful professional stimulation. CDM is particularly experienced in handling the myriad details of planning and executing meetings involving sophisticated, high-level audiences.

What We Do

  • Coordinate event planning meetings
  • Conduct needs assessments
  • Design and host event Web sites
  • Develop themes, content, and agendas
  • Prepare and produce meeting materials
  • Prepare and produce presentations
  • Coordinate and provide IT/audiovisual services, including Web-conferencing
  • Coordinate meeting recordings/transcriptions
  • Perform meeting facilitation/mediation services
  • Prepare and track budgets
  • Identify and recruit presenters
  • Coordinate food/beverage/catering arrangements
  • Select and negotiate facilities
  • Arrange hotel/travel accommodations
  • Track speaker/consulting agreements
  • Staff registration table
  • Perform facility liaison services
  • Develop/produce/disseminate meeting materials/information
  • Oversee and staff onsite operations
  • Track/reconcile expense payment vouchers
  • Coordinate hotel/facility contracts
  • Coordinate continuing education units
  • Conduct conference evaluations
  • Prepare conference summaries
  • Support follow-up activities