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The CDM Research and Evaluation team conducts research, policy analysis, and program evaluation across the health, social, legal, policy, and organizational spectrums. We are able to identify trends, assess needs, analyze outcomes of interventions and policy changes, create evidence-based solutions, and assess their impact on diverse populations. With our help, clients are able to develop and implement new initiatives, revise program designs, identify unmet needs, prepare or change legislation, and perform many other strategic planning and policy development functions.

Services include:

  • Applied Research—Understanding how health and social phenomena operate in or react to complex environments
  • Epidemiology and Special Populations Research—Describing and analyzing the distribution of health-related problems within specific subpopulations and communities
  • Evaluation Research—Designing and conducting studies of program effectiveness to establish informed decisions
  • Policy Research—Analyzing the most effective programs, policies, and strategies to address particular health and related social problems
  • Communications Research—Understanding the information needs of target audiences and assessing how well those needs are met through messages and informative products or programs
  • Organizational Evaluation—Identifying effective approaches, management practices, and system coordination strategies through evaluation studies and organizational and financial analyses
  • Health Expenditure and Utilization Research—Analyzing per capita health expense and utilization trends to identify shifts in need and utilization of health services among study populations and determining how best to address those changing dynamics

What We Do
Applied and Epidemiologic Research involving:

  • Large national data collections
  • Cross-sectional and longitudinal surveys
  • National field staff
  • Broad network of research partners
  • Multi-site study management
  • Difficult-to-reach respondent tracking
  • Site, school, organization, and respondent recruitment
  • Survey management quality control
  • Conceptual models
Clinical Research

  • Clinical trials and health studies
  • Protocol development
  • Rigorous training and quality control
  • Biological specimen collection
  • Anthropometric measurements
  • Objective measures of activity and sleep (via accelerometry and actigraphy)
  • Dietary and physical activity recalls
  • Manual of Procedures (MOP)
Evaluation Research

  • Formative evaluations: implementation and progress
  • Summative evaluations
  • Evaluability assessments
  • State-of-the-art qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Logic models
  • Experimental designs, random control trials
  • Needs assessments
Study Design

  • Protocol development
  • Instrument design and testing
  • OBM and IRB clearances
  • Sampling and random assignment
Data Collection Methods

  • Self-administered surveys: paper, ACASI, CAPI
  • Interviewer-administered surveys: phone (CATI), in person
  • Web surveys
  • Mail surveys
  • Interviews: In-depth, semi-structured, key informant
  • Focus groups
  • Case studies
  • Site visits
  • Group interviews
  • Cognitive interviews
  • Observations
  • Record review and abstraction
Data Management

  • Database and systems development
  • Data processing: cleaning, entry, validation
  • Data coding
  • Federal Information Security Management (FISMA) compliance
Statistical Analysis

  • Descriptive analysis
  • Multivariate inferential analysis: linear, logistic, random effects modeling
  • Multilevel analysis: Hierarchical linear modeling
  • Latent growth modeling
  • Structural equation modeling
  • Factor analyses
  • Cluster analyses
  • Multidimensional scaling
  • Qualitative analysis and mixed-method analyses
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis and spatial analysis
  • Secondary data analysis
  • SAS, SPSS, SUDAAN, NVivo, ArcView10
Dissemination of Findings

  • Technical reports
  • Video presentations
  • Professional conference presentations
  • Papers and book chapters
  • Briefings
  • Peer-reviewed publications
Library Services

  • Referencing
  • Research support
  • Automated bibliographic management
  • Expertise in biomedicine, public health, and the behavioral sciences