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The CDM Group, Inc. banner image
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CDM is experienced in producing a variety of products in close collaboration with our clients. Publication managers, writers, editors, graphics specialists, and information technology specialists work together to create attractive, substantive resources that reflect client goals and specifications. Our editorial and production procedures ensure that all products are of the highest quality.

CDM develops, both in hard copy and electronically, a range of resources that include government publications, technical reports, and papers; clinical practice guidelines and evidence-based reports; scholarly books; periodicals and peer-reviewed journals; professional association materials; meeting summaries and proceedings; annotated bibliographies and literature summaries; and consumer outreach products such as brochures and exhibit displays. CDM is experienced at initializing work in any stage of product developmentā€”from revising existing products for different or wider use to developing new products from concepts or ideas. CDM is well aware that effective products have clearly defined purposes and target audiences.

What We Do

  • Research synthesis and translation
  • Production plans and budgets
  • Manuscripts (reports, brochures, and other documents)
  • PowerPoint demonstrations
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Medical and science writing
  • Graphics and photographic design
  • Technical and substantive editing
  • Copyediting
  • Reference verification
  • Proofreading
  • Federal agency clearance
  • Copyright clearance and management
  • Production management
  • Camera-ready copy preparation
  • Print coordination
    • Web sites
    • Online systems
    • Audiovisual presentations