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We provide a range of expert and technical services to Drug-Free Workplace Program professionals—from answering complex and scientific questions—to drug testing issue management—to policy reviews and program evaluation support. We also offer continuity support for federal agencies going through Drug Program Coordinator transitions and for those whose testing programs have been interrupted.

Drug Program Coordinators who need to brief program status, changes, issues, etc. sometimes want to have senior, authoritative support and expertise in preparing briefing materials and in presenting and responding to leadership questions.

Tell us about your needs. We work with new Drug Program Coordinators to tailor learning around their precise needs. Usual topics include:

  • Federal Drug-Free Workplace Program Overview
  • Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs Revisions
  • How EAPs Work in Drug-Free Workplaces
  • Collectors, the Collection Process, and Collection Site Inspections
  • Science of Drug Testing
  • Medical Review Officer Functions
  • Providing Employee Education
  • Integrating Supervisor Training
  • Drug-Free Workplace Program Data Analysis

  • Basic (online)
  • Advanced Seminar/Webinar

  • Seminars
  • Materials

  • Revised Mandatory Guidelines Reviews/Comments
  • Revision Implementation Planning

Organizations whose drug-free workplace program are being audited often want a preliminary assessment done so that any needed improvements can be addressed before the formal review.

Organizations updating their drug-free workplace plans and lists of positions designated for random testing may need assistance in ensuring that plans and implementation documents, e.g., notices, handbooks, manuals, etc., are all current and congruent with best practices. Some also want help in reviewing Testing Designated Position (TDPs) guidance against current position titles and duties.

Organizations periodically need to examine and re-compete their drug-free workplace contracts for collections, laboratory services, Medical Review Officer services, quality assurance, and other services. Our team can review and advise on acquisition strategies, market surveys, scopes of work, and evaluation criteria to ensure that current and best practices are reflected.

Larger organizations with multiple components reporting required data may need support in aggregating and analyzing drug-free workplace program data. Our team can create and tailor software to do this and can identify other data sources for use in comparison and trend analysis.

  • Drafting of 60- and 30-Day Notices
  • Testing Notices
  • Letters

  • General and Case Issues
  • After-Action Reviews