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E-learning for Supervisors

We offer an online supervisor training program that corresponds to the supervisor training requirements in federal agency drug-free workplace plans and most other employer policies as well.

Developed and continually updated by our team of experts, the course is organized in 14 modules, including an optional module covering Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol testing:

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Your Drug-Free Workplace Policy
  3. Common Drugs of Abuse
  4. Prescriptions and Over-the-Counter Medications
  5. How Drug Testing Works
  6. Performance Indicators of Drug Use
  7. Dealing with Possible Drug-Related Performance Problems
  8. Indicators of a Drug-Impaired Employee
  9. Handling Urgent Situations
  10. Employee Assistance Programs
  11. Other Sources of Help
  12. Security Adjudication, Discipline, and Return to Work
  13. Department of Transportation Regulations
  14. Course Summary
  15. Final Exam

To try a working sample of the course click here.

Individual Purchase – Individuals can purchase and take the course at any time. Hosted on our secure server and supported by our technical staff, individual learners are provided with email access instructions and may take the course at their own pace over a 30-day period. Content materials can be downloaded into a supervisor reference and toolbook.

Organizational Purchase – Organizations can purchase course access across the enterprise for as many supervisors as desired. For an additional fee, the course can be specially branded and tailored, and it can be delivered in SCORM- and 508-compliant files for distribution via an internal Learning Management System.

Live Supervisor Training

We offer live supervisor training, both in classroom and webinar formats. Usually 2 hours in length, we also offer specialized training of shorter and longer duration, depending upon organizational requirements and supervisor interests.