The key to progress in any field is effective communication of new scientific research findings to general and specific audiences. CDM’s marketing and communications expertise allows us to develop and disseminate information on a wide range of health topics and issues by translating technical information into understandable, readable, and appealing formats for our clients. We begin by analyzing the information needs of the target audience and developing a communications strategy. Informational products are then disseminated via print, electronic, and/or audiovisual formats—the appropriate combination to reach the widest possible audience. We follow through on this process by presenting our clients with an assessment of outcomes and impacts of their information programs.

What We Do
Dissemination Strategy
  • Social marketing theory and practice
  • Communications planning
  • Adult learning theory and practice
  • Market testing and market analysis
Dissemination Vehicles
  • Internet—websites, electronic communication networks, and social networking
  • Mass media—radio, television, and newspapers
  • Organizational and community relationships
  • Conferences/workshops and training events
  • Product distribution systems
  • Toll-free national response centers
    • Online ordering systems
    • Inventory management