CDM has more than two decades of experience in health and social research, policy, and services, with particular emphasis on the application of research to practice. We have worked with more than 20 Federal Agencies on dozens of specific topics, and a key segment of our business involves substantive and logistical guidance to high-visibility programs.

Specifically, CDM offers:

  • Extensive experience in analysis of behavioral health policies, programs, and practices for Government Agencies
  • Expertise in the conduct and management of applied research, including study design, data collection and management, data analysis, and dissemination of results
  • A tested and refined system for responding to training/technical assistance requests, scheduling events, tracking delivery, and evaluating outcomes
  • Experience in designing and implementing large-scale federal social marketing campaigns including message planning, materials development and dissemination, and followup
  • Skills in interorganizational analysis, organizational development, and other techniques for improving the practice environment
  • Senior staff who have published books, chapters, articles, and journal publications for scientific, clinical, administrative, and lay audiences